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A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess


This book is simply genius. Burgess creates a unique piece of work that’s completely in a class of it’s own. The language is unique and richly entertaining. It’s a collection of odd, futuristic dystopian dialect. You’ll find yourself whilst reading this text (and after) making reference to ‘droogs’, ‘glazzies’ or ‘to tolchock a chelloveck in the kishkas’! My favourite of all though, is reserved for reference to the young ‘devotchkas.’
You’ve probably heard about this text through the famously banned film depicted by Stanley Kubrick. Luckily I wasn’t in the position of seeing the film before reading the book which allowed my encounter to be unbiased, without fear or favour. I will certainly read this again before I die! Recommended by the girlfriend…Well done, I say.