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Red Velvet, Tricycle Theatre, Kilburn, London


The very best of British theatre! Lolita Chakrabarti’s play; Red Velvet, creates an exciting experience depicting crucial points in the life of Ira Aldridge, an African American actor, famed for his performances in nineteenth century Europe. The dialogue and mise-en-scène is encapsulating and powerful throughout. Adrian Lester, who plays Aldridge beyond my expectations is in a class of his own. I sincerely hope this production makes a come back, as it is unreservedly outstanding from start to finish.


Wicked The Musical, Apollo Victoria Theatre


Dear lord, why hast thou forsaken me? I have suffered at your hands, yes, it was torture having to endure the dire spectacle that is Wicked. I was internally pleased when we arrived outside the Apollo Victoria Theatre, having not known where my girlfriend was taking me. 20 minutes in and my world plundered into an internal plight as I battled to stay awake. This production can only described as juvenile, dull, uninspiring, woeful, tired, foolish…words fail me so I’ll just finish with garbage! One cannot begin to explain this pointless spin-off narrative – based on the original Wizard of Oz. The story is based on…blah blah blah…who cares! I should have retreated as soon as I sat down. The half empty theatre was a sure give away. You’ve been warned people, stay away!

Ghost The Musical, Piccadilly Theatre

Absolutely stunning. Visual, creative and inspiring. I scored some points by taking my girlfriend to see this last Valentines as a surprise. I’ve seen a few musicals in my short life, but this has to be up there, right at the top. No exaggeration, the performers, music and set were out of this world. The audience were locked in, the men humbled by the sight of their crying partners, as the performance worked it’s magic. We all know the story of Ghost (don’t lie now), the Piccadilly production do a splendid job of adapting this classic movie for the West End stage. Take your mum, partner, mistress, lover, ex, granny or friend and you’ll be loved. Pricey but well worth it.

Making Noise Quietly, Donmar Warehouse Theatre

So incredibly dull. So dull we walked out during the intermission, a first for me. The performance is split into three sections, exploring the effects of war on ordinary lives. Lots of meandering chatter that simply left me dying in my seat. To be honest I should have known better, as the boring title should have served as the give away, or yet still, the lame poster (see above). There were even old people openly falling asleep in the audience! So I ask myself, why did I take my girlfriend to see this play? The plentiful marketing ads and 4/5 star ratings served as an attention getter.  I’ll never forget, that moment, at intermission – when we looked at each other momentarily and decided promptly to make a quick exit, fleeing like two scurrying squirrels. Stay away, all ye of good taste.

Porgy and Bess, The London Coliseum

She really is culturing me, as I spotted the advert for this production and promptly booked the tickets. The London Coliseum, St Martins Lane is spectacular with its regal feel. The venue offers you the experience of a setting sometime long ago.  Gershwins Porgy and Bess is delivered by the Cape Town Opera in an impressive performance. This being my first opera meant I really didn’t know what to expect. The story of Porgy and Bess unfurls into the search for hope and happiness, amidst poverty and hardship, culminating as a poignant tale of love and deprivation. My girlfriend shed a tear as the emotion of the performance pulls you deeply in. The performace wasn’t without flaws, as a small number of characters, struggled to project their voices into the magnificence that is the London Colesium. Thumbs up, bravo and all of that stuff!