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The Langham, Regent Street, London


The Langham is undoubtedly first class, five stars and unquestionable classy. The staff at The Langham are of the highest calibre: well trained, professional and warm. The outstanding rooms and facilities are a rare treat for one and all. Breakfast at ‘Roux at The Landau’ is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Treat yourselves to the sublime.


Fish Works, Marylebone High street, London


This lovely little eatery on Marylebone High Street was a pleasant surprise. From the outside you’d be correct to think the place was simply a small fish market. Nonetheless; tucked away behind this–is a rather pleasant restaurant serving a scrumptious variety of seafood to excite the palate. Ok, so the staff were pretty ordinary, no special service offered, but the meals on offer make up where the people skills are lacking. Aside from this, this restaurant is a little delight! It’s a bit on the pricey side but a rare treat.

9/11 Memorial, New York City


Incredibly tasteful. The victims have been honoured with a profound and lasting memorial. New York City has undoubtedly gone the extra mile to leave a lasting legacy for those who survived, were effected or all who simply remember the day that changed the course of the modern world. Definitely worth seeing if you’re in NYC. The architectural magnificence of the two memorial pools will move even the toughest of souls. Well done NYC.

Upper Class, Virgin Atlantic Airways

Flying Upper Class is something everyone who usually flies Economy yearns for so there was nothing more pleasurable than being directed to the FRONT of the plane, rather than the back with the rest of the cattle, when we boarded. In our seats (which turns into a bed) we were offered a drink of our choice and then the attendant returned to ask us what we wanted to eat from a menu. In Upper Class you do not have the pleasure of a Cabin Crew member plonking down a truffle of food before you; instead you can choose what you want from a menu. The choices are good and the food was tasty considering how high we were in the sky. All in all we enjoyed the experience because you can sleep easily and relax more. My only gripe is the tired-looking decor that seemed to cry out for a bit of sprucing up.

Paradisus Varadero Resort & Spa, Cuba

Paradisus Varadero / Varedero

Sun, sand and relaxation! This resort is rather lovely. We spent a glorious week relaxing on the beach, reading, chatting and swimming in the sea. The resort claims to be 5 stars, but by western standards we’d place it at the lower end of 4. The food lets the place down a bit, but we half expected this, as the Cubans struggle to gain access to the things you and I take for granted. If you’re searching for an exclusive get away, to a country like Cuba – to spend some alone time with your partner, then Paradisus is a great start. Choice of 5 restaurants and decent all round facilities.

Le Mercury, Islington

Described as French…ppppffh! We laugh in the face of this establishment. It looked quaint from outside, and the menu seemed good value for money. How I was wrong. Started off with Calamars Fris (Deep fried Calamari with tartar sauce), I was presented with what can only be described as miniature car tyres, overly salty and insidiously chewy. Suffice to say it went downhill from there. My girlfriend was visibly aghast. When asked by the waiter dude, how was the meal, she told him the truth. I can honestly say, the waiter missed the point, he just went on and on about the restaurant being there for some 30 years. Who cares! People stay away, food’s a joke, service was sinfully substandard. Remember cheap isn’t always good. I leave you with the following adjective: woeful.

Kilis Kitchen, Highbury & Islington


This little Turkish gem is rather lovely. The food is cheap, plentiful and delicious. Sometimes in life you’re after that no fuss, tasty and thrifty meal, well ladies and gents, Kilis is the place. Three course meal for under £13! Yep and it really is that good. The decor is inviting and during the summer months, the sun’s rays spill through the windows gently hugging every table. My girlfriend and I visited two days in a row – shucks! But sssshhh don’t tell too many people – we want to keep it on the Q.T.

The Dark Knight Rises, Cineworld Woodgreen


I finally got round to seeing this movie after all the hype. In short, this film was just ok. I expected a little more punch (literally), given the rave reviews. Batman’s formidable enemy Bane was incredibly entertaining and convincing, the dialogue between the two kept you locked in, although subtitles would have helped as the two actors were intent on mumbling their lines! For those of you, yet to see this film, just wait for the DVD release, or borrow it from a friend. Worth seeing, but save your hard earned cash where possible.

Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World, Cineworld Enfield

Where do I start? Well, my girlfriend’s handbag was searched on entering this lame multiplex. But given recent events in the states I can’t blame them for not trying, (even though their screening process was completely random). Anyway, to the film, which was completely and utterly pointless and boring, I none-the-less enjoyed the sweet popcorn and trailers. Keira Knightly came across as a complete novice and grossly uninspiring. I like a film that leaves an impression, one which you mention at least once after leaving the cinema. Classified as Comedy, Drama and Romance, I can confirm none of the previous apply. Save your hard earned money, hire a DVD or just go for a walk. (P.S. My girlfriend picked this lame film for the record! Sorry had to slip that in at the end).

Pizzeria Pappagone, Stroud Green Road

The best Italian restaurant in North London I say. My girlfriend aint too sure about that last statement! It’s too loud in here I hear her say. Personally I think the food speaks for itself, and it speaks volumes. Ohhh the calamari for starters never fails to excite the taste buds. Choose the right main course and you’ll certainly be presented with wonderfully fresh ingredients and a dish that stimulates. Pappagone never fails to impress the palate. “ it’sa nice’a place to stuffa your face ”