Wicked The Musical, Apollo Victoria Theatre


Dear lord, why hast thou forsaken me? I have suffered at your hands, yes, it was torture having to endure the dire spectacle that is Wicked. I was internally pleased when we arrived outside the Apollo Victoria Theatre, having not known where my girlfriend was taking me. 20 minutes in and my world plundered into an internal plight as I battled to stay awake. This production can only described as juvenile, dull, uninspiring, woeful, tired, foolish…words fail me so I’ll just finish with garbage! One cannot begin to explain this pointless spin-off narrative – based on the original Wizard of Oz. The story is based on…blah blah blah…who cares! I should have retreated as soon as I sat down. The half empty theatre was a sure give away. You’ve been warned people, stay away!


One comment

  1. Sel

    Must have been quite the ordeal, my sympathies.
    Been meaning to catch it Broadway, it has some great reviews here in NYC.

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